Road to Perseverance

People Who Have Thrived Through and After Adversitys

What is perseverance?

Perseverance. What is it? Perseverance something that someone does in times of adversity. If nothing is going ones way they must be able to push through and have determination through it. But you must not only persevere they must also thrive.
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Problem Solution Paragraph On Jackie Robinson

The main difficulty in the 1940s was all of the racial discrimination happening. From segregated bathrooms to 2 different sports leagues racial discrimination was a huge problem. All this segregation needed to be fixed. So Branch Rickey had a plan. His plan was to find a baseball player who not only can play baseball but someone who was up for the challenge to be an African American and play in a white league. He also needed to find someone who can take the hatred and racial comments and sweep them under the rug and not retaliate. He came up with Jackie Robinson. Not only was Jackie a great baseball player he was the best candidate for this objective. He broke the color barrier and opened a door for every upcoming African Americans successfully. This was not easy. He showed resilience courage and bravery on this journey and he did something outstanding.

A Cause and Effect Infograph on A Carp

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A Description of the lady jags

Carrol County is a run down town. It a high poverty rates and high unemployment rates. Carrol Academy is a school for high schoolers who have either dropped out of their regular high school or court have order them to come. In Carrol Academy there is a basketball team. That basketball team lost 112 games in a row and all of them have faced hardship. Some have drug abusing parents, alcoholic parents, bipolar disease, and much more. Them playing on the basketball team isn’t the solution but the solution is that all of these kids have been put in a terrible situation with parents or something else and now they are being brought back on their feet by Carrol academy. They have been coached by caring and loving coaches to transform them to be more responsible and by toughening them up to be put back out in the real world.

Jackie Robinson Compare and Contrast With Michael Jordan

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This is a picture of Winston during WWI

Winston Churchill Sequence paragraph

Winston Churchill is an outstanding and important historical figure. He was born in 1875 in his grandfather's house. His childhood wasn’t the worst of his life. His parents weren't around much so his nanny took care of him but after she passed he was sent to boarding school at 8 years young. Throughout his life he has shown bravery and intelligence. For example in 1899 he was shot and then became a prisoner of war. After a few months he escaped and made his way back to safety. He also traveled the world looking for some more action in the front lines of military during many wars. However he is best known for saving England and practically saved Europe from Nazi Germany's rage. During this time Germany attacked France once this happens the current prime minister of England stepped down and Churchill stepped into the position. A few days later after the election Churchill gave an outstanding speech called the “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” this speech inspired England to keep fighting in the war. Then he did another amazing thing he decided to join forces with the soviet and America to defeat the Nazis and save Europe.Winston Church once said, “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival” From this quote, we know That Churchill never gave up and that he was such an inspiring and outstanding speaker.

What Can We Learn from the People who Have Persevered?

I believe that we can learn many things from these people. We can learn to not give up during adversity's. We can also learn that after we get out of the adversity we mustn't give up. We must thrive even after the adversity.