Horace Mann News and Notes

Updates February 18, 2014


We will again hold a safety drill with students in March. Please make sure you are familiar with our lockdown procedures. Let me know if you have any questions. It's a good practice for us and we will again reflect during March Early release on how things go.

Dates to Remember/Out of Building

May 1st Oasys Documentation log due (please let me know if you have any questions or needs in uploading documents)

I am out of the building:

Tuesday 9 am Admin meeting

Thursday 8 am Principals meeting in FDL


In speaking to Aaron it isn't financially possible to have everyone teach 5 classes instead of six next year but I will do my best with the master schedule but asked Aaron to keep it on the table for next year.

Safety Meeting

Adam, Aaron, Tom, Dave, Shawn and myself attended a Safety Summit on Monday, February 17th in West Bend.

Aaron is contacting a consultant to see if we could have an audit done on our buildings. It was a good reminder to us how important our relationships are and if you see any concerns


Thank you for you efforts with your SLO and mid year check in. I will continue to review Oasys and set up follow up meetings with those of you who are in year 3 and new staff.


A reminder to all to attend iep meetings. We had several special ed students fail a class for the semester and need to make sure we continue communications and to review our modifications and accommodations. If you have any questions regarding your student please talk with the case manager.

Just a thank you to co-teachers for meeting and planning. If you need any additional time please let me know.


Thank you to Jill for Food for Thought this week!

Thank you to Doug and Mike and all regional workers for a great meet!

Thank you to Heidi and Jenny for all their efforts with scheduling!

Thank you to Mary Beth and Sam for covering lunch without me while I've been out!

Thank you to Gary and Jana for your extra work with the manifestation determinations!

Thank you to Jean and our Polar Plungers!

Good luck to our Girls and Boys BB teams in Regionals and Sectional Wrestling!

Thank you to AESOP!

If I'm forgetting anyone please let me know!

Other news to share?

Matt -will it be a boy or girl?

Spring is coming----------------soon, right?!!

Classroom Visitations

Just a reminder after your two classroom visitations to upload that document to your Oasys.

Thank you!