The Pulse of the Nation

Week of December 7

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

One of my favorite events for our students was a great success once again. Thank you to everyone involved in Go Offline Day. Carolyn once again coordinated the day with perfection. I received many emails from parents and one in particular who asked me to share Here is just a part of it... "my child came home full of emotion, awareness, and compassion for their peers. They mentioned they never knew some of their closer friends had feelings of feeling alone at school, everyday fears, etc. This program exemplifies why I am a proud parent of my children receiving an integrated education of academics and life skills." Proof positive you all take exceptional care of our students.

Item #1

7th GRADE CORE TEAM LEADERS! Please communicate with Lizzy by 12/18 the time of day you would like to administer the PLAB on 1/14. Remember, it will take 45 minutes.

Item #2

World language exams will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday December 15th and 16th. Please read the linked document to find times for world language testing as well as rooms/encore courses that will be displaced due to the exams. Please let Lizzy know if you see any problems.

​ World Language teachers, please communicate with your students as to which day they should expect their exam.

Item #3

Team, specifically teachers of Math Acceleration, please complete the following google doc (click on the tab, "Q2 7th and 8th Math Acceler.") for students moving INTO or OUT of Math Acceleration. Please be reminded, that you must contact parents for any student that will be added to this list (you do not need to contact parents of students staying in Math Acceleration). Please complete this list byDecember 18th at 2:30pm. Please contact Lizzy or Amy W if you have questions. ​

​(Quarter Intervention Moves)​

Item #4


will take place on Thursday, January 14th in 7th grade. Details to come, but you will need 45 minutes to administer the test. Teams can decide how to administer. It will be given on Schoology.

Item #5

* HS Math 1 exams will take place on Thursday, January 14th. Details to come.​

Item #6

8th Grade Core teachers only! High School recommendations will start January 4th. Please stay tuned to the Pulse and team meetings for more information. ​

Item #7

Lizzy is working on creating an important dates to know for second semester. This will include scheduling date, professional development, extended CAT times, etc. Stay tuned....

Item #8


  • Final collection day tomorrow. We need a HUGE push today if you can assist with that. Still have 75 families that need to be adopted.
  • If a SuperHawk happens to forget to come to your team/advisor, please email Carolyn Heller and she will collect from you.
  • All Nagel Nighthawks and families are invited to the Shopping Night at Target, 4:00-7:30 on Wednesday, December 9th

Item #9

Still looking for any kids you know that have had any type of important accomplishment outside the Nagel Nation. For example, performing in Children's Theater, The Nutcracker, winning an important contest. Please email Jodie by this Friday.

Item #10

* Public School Works videos - deadline December 15th.

Item #11

AIR State Testing is scheduled for April 18-May 6. A more detailed team schedule is coming in 2016.

Item #12

Reminder to Teams to keep tabs on the Hallways during transitions. We need to make sure that there is a strong teacher presence in the hallways, especially around the holidays.

Item #13

Please be certain you read email from Bryan regarding Fire Inspection on Tuesday. Your cooperation in putting away cords on the floor are greatly appreciated for everyone's safety.

Item #14

SOARING Thru the Season Schedule




8 - Shop & Share concludes

9 - Achievers 2: 30 Room 115

14 - Orchestra Concert 7:30

15 & 16 - World Language Exams

16 - Staff Meeting 2:30 LC

17 - Band Concert 7:30

18 - Soaring Thru the Season

21 - Jan 3 - Holiday Break - Enjoy


Tech Bytes

Morning Announcements

To ensure we have time to prepare…. All announcements should be sent to Melissa Huxtable not later than 2:30 the day prior. The only exception we can currently think of is evening sports scores.

Video Tutorials

We have created a tutorial videos section on Schoology to aid both students and staff with learning how to use certain tools. We would like to build a library of frequently used videos. That is where we need your help. Please email Kyle with topics for videos that you would find helpful so that we can begin creating a robust set of videos.