Welcome to the 20/21 School Year

Parent Communication

Welcome Back

Welcome back parents Please take some time to review this newsletter, intended to provide you with a comprehensive resource to help you navigate the start to this unusual school year. You will see information related to:
  • What does my student do on day one?
  • Timelines
  • Instruction for First Three Weeks
  • Student Login Information
  • Student Verification
  • Transportation
  • Attendance During Remote Learning
  • Grading During Remote Learning
  • Internet Difficulties
  • Schoology 101

Timeline for Back-to-School:

  • 8/17 RPS Virtual Enrollment Closes

  • 8/24 First Day of Remote Learning & Virtual Learning

  • Week 1 of School-Monday (8/24) through Thursday (8/27)

  • Week 2 of School-Monday (8/31 through Thursday (9/3)

  • Week 3 of School-Tuesday (9/8) through Friday (9/11)

  • 9/14 Face to Face Students Report to School

7th-12th Graders-Please check your schedules

Throughout the weekend, please double check your students schedule in Student/Family Access. As we adjust after our orientations, changes may have been made.

What Do My Student(s) Do On Day One?

Online learning starts next Monday, August 24th for your student. Below are the steps of how your student will sign into their classes. This is very similar to how students logged in throughout the spring. Below is a schedule outlining the first three weeks back to school.

  1. Sign Into Schoology (https://rockford.schoology.com)
  2. Click into your first hour course by 9:00 AM
  3. Find the Google Meet Link/nickname in the Update or Calendar Section of the course
  4. Click on this link
  5. Your teacher will start class at 9:30 AM
  6. Then follow the same steps for each of your other classes

Rockford Virtual Students

Communication about next steps will be coming out from Central Office and Mike Ramm on Friday the 21st.

Schoology and Google Meet 101

For those who may be new to the district and those who may need a refresher, Schoology is our learning management system and where our online instruction will take place. Below is a link that provides a quick walk through of Schoology. Login information is the same for both Schoology and Google. Students will need to be logged into their school Google account to join their teacher's Google Meet (Username is school email and password is RPS plus 5 digit ID#). If your student is unable to login to Google Meet for any reason, please send your teacher a message in Schoology if this occurs.

Schoology Intro for Students

Google Meet for Students

Remote Instruction for the first three weeks

Teaching and learning will be provided remotely for the first 3 weeks of school from 9:30-1:00 with downtime between each session. Teachers will deliver live instruction as students engage with the instruction at home. Lessons will be recorded and posted to Schoology for unexpected interruptions to the learning experience and to respond to the needs of families. Teachers will provide opportunities to build relationships in order for students to get to know their teachers and peers.

How to Get Student Login Information

  • Computer

      • First five letters of last name then first three letters of first name and password is their student number

  • Schoology

    • Remind students that they can use their same login credentials to get into Schoology as they did to access their device

      • Email address and student number (xxx@rockfordschools.org)

      • Students do not have access to their Schoology courses until the first day of school. It may be helpful to ask students to log into their Schoology courses before school starts on the first day so they have the information that they need.

Need A Hand With Technology?

Operational Technology will continue to use studenthelp@rockfordschools.org for all students if they need technical assistance for district devices.


Please be sure to complete the transportation survey that was sent to families via email. This will help our transportation department plan for efficient bus routes. This was due on August 7th. You may still contact the Transportation Director, Matt Puett, at (616) 863-6328 or at mpuett@rockfordschools.org.

Attendance For Remote Learning- Weeks 1-3

Participation in online learning is vital for student growth and state accounting. Student attendance will be tracked daily for face-to-face, and remote learning. Teachers will enter hourly attendance. If your student is unable to take part in the scheduled, daily, live instruction (those who are choosing face-to-face), please call the attendance office of your school just as you would have in years past.

East Rockford Attendance-(616) 863-6559

North Rockford Attendance-(616) 863-6312

Freshman Center Attendance-(616) 863-6352

High School Attendance-(616) 863-6032

***This information is not intended for those choosing the Rockford Virtual option.***


Teachers will provide feedback on assignments to drive instruction and monitor the progress of students. Letter grades will be assigned. These grades will count towards calculated GPA's 6-12.

Video Open House

Our teachers will be sending a video to introduce themselves and their classrooms to students and families. Videos will be shared with parents the first week of school.
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