By: Envie Vance


What if you didn't know that the coffee you are drinking is made of volcanic cinders . It can happen if you have ever seen then make it. Volcanoes are land forms . Scientists study volcanoes to get a better understanding of how they effect people, places, and environment.

What is a volcano?

Volcanoes are formed when a hot metal rock called magma rises.They are found in the ring of fire. Scientists who study volcanoes are called volcanologists.Volcanoes They help people by making new land.

What are the Effects of volcanoes.

Volcanoes can be a hazard to people,places, and the environment, but they also have benefits.The effect on people from a Volcanoes are HAZARDS because the ash from the lava can destroy property and can even kill people. The source I used to get this info is from