Experience 4

ICT for Learning with Others in the Teaching of Pri Science

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Learning in an ICT-enriched Environment (Lesson Demonstration)

Gongshang Primary School

In this lesson demonstration, teachers use the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning approach to develop students' scientific explanation. From a given scenario, students post their initial claim on Popplet and use appropriate data to support their claim. Using a set of criteria, students compare and clarify these ideas on Popplet to reach a consensus by articulating the scientific principles that connect the claims and evidences.

Learning Across Schools (Adaptation & Localisation of Practices)

Keming Primary School

Teachers explore the use of visual and text as representations for students to explain a phenomenon. These representations, when posted onto a blog allow ideas to be accessed by other students, leading to the questioning, clarification and refinement of ideas. Coupled with teacher modeling, students show coherence in their scientific explanations as they link their representations with related scientific concepts and conventions.

Punggol Primary School

This study, Bridging Gaps, is designed to assist teachers identify the gaps in Science Learning amongst P5 (standard) students that could have contributed in the illogical, incorrect or incomplete responses to open-ended questions in pen and paper assessments. Leveraging on various ICT tools such as Blogspot, Google Doc and Excel Spreadsheet, the research synthesizes findings and implications for our teachers who wish to make informed choices about increasing students' competency in Science Learning through the development of thinking skills.