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Heroes Need Your Help! Sat, June 20th

Every Hero has a Story Summer Reading Kickoff

We'll be in front of the library on Whipple City Saturday. This year we will be making sundaes and taking superhero pictures as we register summer readers.

We need help with:

Setup at 10:30

Scooping, signups and photo shoots from 11:00 - 1:30

Cleanup at 1:30

If you've got any time at all, please call the library to sign up. 692-7157

A Place for Everything

Next time you come in, you may notice that the office is cleaner. ( I even cleaned out my mailbox!) Please do your part to keep order:

If you need to leave something with a note on it, make sure the date and your name - or at least initials - are on it. That way, as so often happens with my notes, the recipient can contact you to find out what the heck it means.

If you need to leave something with a note on it, leave it in the right place. There is one. Ask, Look around for a label. Please don't leave things out on the counters with the expectation that the next person in will know what to do with them.

New Resident Folders

The Chamber of Commerce has created information folders for people who are new to the area. If someone comes in to get a card and is just moving to town, ask them if they've gotten one. They may have gotten one from their real estate broker or lawyer. If they haven't, please give them one. Quantities are limited, so we've been asked to distribute only one to each household. Folders are located under the circ desk where the old color printer used to be.

Dealing With Difficult Patrons

The vast majority of our patrons are wonderful and make our days better. Once in a while, someone is cranky or irritable and we have to cope gracefully. Very rarely, a patron can be rude and even abusive. You do not have to put up with that sort of behavior. If I am in the library, please get me involved. If I am not in the library, please leave me a note naming names, so I can be aware of the situation and follow up. Part of my job is supporting my wonderful staff and volunteers. You work hard to make great things possible for our community. You deserve to be treated, at the very least, with respect. - Annie
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