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Publication of Baugo Community Schools: Winter 2023

Superintendent's Message:

Over the years, students and their schools have been measured by high stakes assessments; usually administered with a sense of anxiety and finality affixed to them. I have found that these measures often do not completely reflect the social and academic growth that did occur, and can seem to unfairly critique the efforts of teachers and students. Mark Twain once wrote, "continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection." He certainly had a way of making powerful statements with very few words. I have determined that the learning process is much more important than the results of a single exam. Measuring "the process" is the challenge. Beginning with the Class of 2023, Indiana schools are relying on multiple measures of student growth and readiness through the facilitation of Graduation Pathways. School districts, like Baugo, begin this process in elementary schools with introductions to pathway concepts and college and career exploration. In late elementary and junior high, students explore career pathways and concepts in greater depth. In high school, students declare elective pathways and are encouraged to earn dual credit, take career-clustered courses, and earn industry certifications. With a more tailored model of instruction, students focus on process, and teachers teach with an eye on continuous improvement. There will always be a place for high stakes testing, but it will not be the only way we will measure success, and that makes good sense.

Open Enrollment Begins

Beginning February 1st, enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year opens to out-of-district students for Kindergarten and Grades 9 and 10. The enrollment window will close June 30th or earlier if seats are filled. Board policy permits the siblings of enrollees to also attend, even if they are entering a grade other than Kindergarten or Grades 9 and 10. Jimtown High School and Jimtown Elementary are hosting enrollment information events on February 9th beginning at 6:00pm. Take this opportunity to spread the word to out-of-district families who have expressed interest in Jimtown Schools. More information on open enrollment is available on the district website found at

Kindergarten Roundup Dates Set

Residents and out-of-district students planning to enroll in Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year should attend one of two Kindergarten Roundup events scheduled on March 2nd or March 28th. Both events open at 1:00pm and end at 6:00pm. Kindergarten Roundup occurs at Jimtown Elementary. Participants should enter the building at the main entrance.

Baugo Promise: Investing in the Future

Baugo Community Schools is committed to maintaining an educational system that empowers our graduates for college, careers, and life. With the average cost of in-state college tuition exceeding $10,000 and room and board likely doubling that cost, the power of compounding interest makes starting to save early for college a wise decision. Indiana CollegeChoice 529 savings accounts are a great way to save for college. As a Promise Indiana partner, Baugo Community Schools helps make establishing college savings accounts easy. The Baugo Promise also makes college saving gift giving a possibility too. Visit the Baugo Promise homepage for more information.

Work for Baugo Community Schools

Baugo schools are great places to work and substitute teaching is a perfect way to start. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of students, consider substitute teaching. With one of the most flexible jobs in existence, substitutes decide when they want to work and where they want to work. If you're looking to give back to your community or wish to gain a better understanding of today's educational system, substitute teaching may be for you. Contact our Human Resources Office for more information at 574-293-8583.

Looking for Jimmie Gear?

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Jimtown Wrestling Continues Winning Traditions: Now adds Girls Wrestling to the Mix

For many years, Jimtown has had an occasional female wrestler on the team. In fact, the Indiana Wrestling Coaches Association has sponsored a girls only tournament that has had increasing participation rates. This year, the IHSAA has designated Girls Wrestling as an emerging sport in Indiana. Soon, Girls Wrestling will be a full fledged sport. The rise of Womens Wrestling as an Olympic Sport has been a factor in this effort.

This year, Jimtown has four young ladies that are representing their school and community as Jimtown wrestlers. They have been competing alongside the boys in the practice room but also attending an ever-increasing number of girls wrestling tournaments in Indiana. Congratulations to Jimtown Wrestlers Flarity Harder, Haley Francis, Kendal McPhee, and Isabella Ullery for their hard work, dedication and grit.

Two JHS Programs Produce Positive Results

The PLTW Biomedical Science (Biomed) Program and the Health Science II (HSE II) Program celebrated senior achievements recently. Six Biomed students earned their whitecoats courtesy of Goshen Health. Congratulations to Sydney Bryant, Matt Gresso, Ashlyn Grove, Ryan Moyer, Elijah Rock, and Calvin Stineman. Our four HSE II students earned their Patient Care Technician Certification. Great job Makenna Brown, Grace Inbody, Abby Sanders, and Caitriana Wolfe. #Jimmie PRIDE

JHS Senior Wins a Lilly Scholarship

Congratulations to Senior Ashlyn Grove on earning one of three Lilly Endowment Scholarships presented by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County! The full-tuition scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and civic engagement, which is why Ashlyn is worthy of this recognition. #JimmiePRIDE

New Junior High Tradition: The Annual Spelling Bee

Jimtown Junior High reintroduced the annual Spelling Bee experience to students in December. The Spelling Bee started in each individual classroom and finished with 20 finalists competing after school in the school auditorium. Dayana Ortiz was the 8th grade winner. Norah Gorbics was the 7th grade and overall winner.

The Spirit of Giving at Jimtown Junior High

During the month of December, students donated food items for the annual food drive. More than 3,000 items were donated along with $245.40 in cash! Food and cash were donated to the larger district food and toiletry campaign. More than 50 families were positively impacted by the generosity of our school community during this holiday season.

Martin's Supermarket Honors Mrs. Wohlford at JIS

Mrs. Brenda Wohlford was the recipient of a STEM grant from Martin’s Supermarket. JIS has recently transitioned from a computer special to a STEM special in an effort to decrease screen time and increase exposure to science, engineering and math concepts.

The Jimmies of Justice Compete in State Level Competition

The Jimmies of Justice finished in the top ten teams at the Lego Robotics state competition on December 10th with a top robot score of 255. The team's performance was a 60 point improvement from its qualifying round. The team's hard work and countless hours of effort paid off! Congratulations to Coach Schwartz and The Jimmies of Justice for a great season.

Title 1 Family Reading Night at Jimtown Elementary

As a Title I school, JES receives federal funds to provide additional support to students in the areas of reading and math. Title I intervention Aides work with students on such skills as phonics, comprehension, fluency, and computation. Financial support through Title I also provides resources for students and families and helps to support outreach experiences. JES held one of its outreach events in December. More than 150 students, along with their parents, joined the staff for Family Reading NIght. Highlights of the night included a hot chocolate station sponsored by Walmart, reading activities, give-aways, and book fair shopping. Title I provided books to all the students who participated in Family Night.

Seasonal Memories at JES

As Christmas Break approached, classes took some time to celebrate the holiday season with a variety of activities. Each grade level participated in crafts, cooking, or games to create memorable moments. JES also celebrated a PBiS school-wide reward of Polar Express Day after reaching 3400 boarding passes. December was especially busy for the 2nd graders as they practiced and performed their Christmas program. A thank you goes out to the parents who helped supervise the classroom during the teacher luncheon, and who assisted with the parties. Your help is always appreciated.

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