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The Heart of Technology


In iMovie we have been making different kinds of little short movies kind of thing like on a how to video and we can make sound affects of crazy random thing and you can add part of little videos.


iTrailer is on the same app as iMovie and you can just take mini videos and photos and it's really just like iMovie

Haiku Deck

on Haiku Deck its like a a picture slide show but you can make captions and you can change the the background for each slide and also you can search the the photo on the app or computer if you don't have it in you camera roll

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app you can get on a electronic device and do different things with photos of just draw something and you can type text and change the color, font, and size


In GoAnimate you can put in characters and props and give the characters voices and actions and change the background and change the language and from English toFrench