awesome amazing great fantastic summer! <3

going to toronto

So me and my dad go to Toronto sounds like it would be like any other day but we had so much fun we went to restaurants stores and we walked up so many stairs in the cn tower but we did not walk up all because we got tired and we started to go down it and something I did not do in a really long time was to ride the bus to Toronto it was really fun we where there for hours but like every trip you have to go home at some point and when I did every one at my house was happy.


a huge part of my summer was watching Netflix my favorite show and a show I watched a lot was friends with Chandler Ross Joey Rachel Monica and Phoebe the show is a pretty old show but it is still really funny and good another show I love and watched was Americas funniest videos also known as AFV it is so funny and there are a lot of wipeouts from people.
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my brother moving back

close to the end of the summer my oldest brother that lived in Alberta moved back and now we play outside inside we watch tv with each other and we just do a bunch of stuff with each other I really like that he moved back because we can just do stuff when ever we want.

when my brother moved back

Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 5am

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Edmonton, AB

last week of summer

on my last week of summer it was a really boring time my internet stopped working and then the electricity was out for about 6 hours one night. it sucked.