Core Value Awards Program

Recognize Those Who Stand Out in a Crowd

What is it all about?

This program is another opportunity for the Partner Group to express our profound gratitude for the dedication MCG employees have shown during the year. Outlined below are our six core values that are the foundation that have helped to make MCG what it is today.

Our six core values are as follows (VIPERR):

• Creates Value - Creating value is at the heart of everything we do

Integrity - Doing the right thing every time

Purpose - Supporting an employee-driven effort to collaborate in areas where we can make the most difference

Excellence - Striving to always provide the highest quality

Relationships - Loyal, trusting and enjoyable relationships are integral to our culture

Relentlessness - Uncompromising, consistent dedication to providing only the best for our clients

How do I nominate?

You are invited to nominate any MCG employee for each of these special awards. Partners do not nominate. Only nominate someone if you feel strongly they should be considered and please keep your nominations confidential. The Core Values Committee will review each nomination and will select one individual for each Core Value Award.

During our next January 2017 meeting, we will be announcing six very special awards to six different members of our team who have best exemplified each of our core values during the year.

BONUS: If you nominated one of the Core Value winners during the year, you will be eligible for an incentive award, which will also be announced during the January meeting.

Last Year's Recipients


Please contact the Core Values Committee with any comments or questions.

We are so fortunate to work for a firm of VIPERRs. Thanks for all you do!