Go bananas over breakfast !

feel like you are too busy of a parent for breakfast? Try these 3 easy tips.

1. wake up already!

Getting up a little bit earlier than usual will allow you the time to make a good and nutritious breakfast.

2. Frozen Fruits

cut up a couple fruits and place them in a zip lock back then leave in the freezer for a easy and quick access on those busy mornings. This allows for a healthy on the move snack.

3. Food Groups

Try to incorporate all food groups into your breakfast meal plan. (protein, grains, dairy, fruits/vegetables). This will help ensure that you are starting your day off right !
Quick Breakfast Smoothies for Busy People

NOT eating breakfast can cause :(

- mood swings

- lack of concentration

- low energy

- weight/ nutrients imbalance

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BENEFITS of eating breakfast :)

- energy

- lower cholesterol

-essential nutrients for the body

- lower risk of type 2 diabetes

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heres a video to help you visually see what you can do for a quick on the go meal !

Healthy School Lunch & Breakfast Ideas!

remember..."breakfast like a KING, Lunch like a Prince, and dine like a pauper"

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