Brown vs. board of education 1954

By: Leah

Main idea

Linda Carol Brown was seven years old, Linda was required to attend the Monroe School in East Topeka, Kansas, because it was faraway from her home and because it was one the four all-black schools in the city. After Linda's father tried unsuccessfully to enroll her in the third grade in an all-white public school further away, He teamed up with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to fight her unfair exclusion. The Kansas law suit was similar to the South Carolina, Virginia and Delaware. they were all under the heading of brown vs. board of education". The main issue that was focused on in this case was whether or not the 14th Amendment was violated by denying education in a specific school simply due to the color of the kids. This was an issue because seventeen states still had segregation in school, Then four states had the option to segregate the school. Also sixteen states just did not let segregation happen in school. lastly eleven states had no law regarding segregation. By May 17th, 1954 four years after the rejection of Linda brown to go the the white people's school, the court had reached an unanimous decision. The public segregation in the education was the first step in making the united states education system for equal (or fair). A year later the the court said that all school had to desegregate so anyone can go there no matter what color you were. Then three years after they had to desegregate there schools, troops from the united states had to escort nine children know as the "little rock nine" to a school in little rock, Arkansas.

Even though the case of Brown vs. The Board of education of 1954 did not solve all the racial discrimination in this country it help a lot.

what were the effects?

Some of the effects were it was nearly the end of racial discrimination in schools but they were some places that still had it. the school districts had to get rid of colored schools and white people matter what color you were aloud to go to school together.

The effect it had on African Americans was it treated them equal to white people. And kids weren't mean to each other because of skin color. Also they didn't feel uncomfortable about being African American and not white.

How it leaded to other events?

It got rid of racial stuff so then all the other things that happened weren't about what color you were.

What caused it?

What caused it was a little girl had to walk to school that was far away. And her dad didn't think it was far that she had to go to school with only African American kids and not other kids that were white. so he tried everything so his daughter could go to the white kids school. so he went to court and got it changed where what ever color you were you got to go to school together.