Jeremiah Antwi

All about me

10 Descriptive words

Intelligent, Generous, Energetic, Broad-minded, open-minded, amusing, entertaining, Fast-working, active, hard-working.
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My hobbies included comics because when I was little i watched cartoons and I saw how they moved so i wanted to draw comics and make them move like that too.

Hobbies and interests

My hobbies are working on my comic,which I am making, playing video games, such as terraria and playing any sports.

Biggest influences

Usain bolt has a big influence on me because everyday he inspires me to get faster. My sister and my brother also have big influences on me.My sister is faster than me so she also inspires me to get faster, My brother is not that fast, but he will get faster, which tells me that i shouldn't slow down.

Favorite book and movie

My favorite book is legend of Korra, my favorite movie is the flash
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I chose this quote because it shows that it doesn't matter where you start as long as you finish. I always start from different places all the time but i make sure I finish it.


Students by Family friends poems

Students life is full of fun
work and play.
their day begins with a prayer
And, ends with play.

They go to school with a heavy bag on their back,
And water bottles in their hand.
They sit in the class and toil all day,
And learn about millipedes that coil all day.

In school they make many friends,
And learn many trends.
They even learn values
of love and life.

They study all day
And are bright like the sunray
They can even swim
Like the fish on sea-bay.

Studies develop brainpower,
Sports develop willpower.
They can do both
Without any pain!

They use pens,
They use papers.
They can draw many things
And make many colorful rings.

But when march month comes,
They study all day
They work for appreciation
And sacrifice lot of recreation.

East or west
Students life is the best,
they can start their day with a prayer
And end with lots of play!


I chose this poem because it describes the life of a student during school time.

Places that have impacted me

When I went to the zoo, it made a good impact on me because it showed me animals that I had only heard of, not seen.
The Flash - The Flash Breaks The Sound Barrier (S1E6 - The Flash Is Born)
Total Drama Island opening theme high quality