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Experienced Manager Needed!


I need a manager who can plan out the next days activities. You also need to organize your resources to implement these activities. In example, a field trip for the kids. And after taking them on this trip, you would need to be able to watch, not only the kids, but also the other caretakers. This manager needs to be able to have firm morals to make sure the other caretakers are providing the kids with those same morals and good attitudes.

The managing theory needed

I need a manager who can practice quality management. Everyone works together, and we need as few errors as possible in order to set a good example for the younger workers and kids.

Managing your resources

People: You need to be able to manage kids and adults, creatively, at the same time. There could be 15 kids and 4 other employees.

Money: I need to trust you will you use our money responsibly.

Materials: You need to be able to get all the necessary materials in a fashionable manner and a good time frame.

Facilities: You need to be able to keep good care of all our playgrounds and play areas, bathrooms, and kitchen.

Equipment: You must be able to keep good care of our transportation, and all other equipment.

Be creative

Use your resources wisely

Work smarter not harder

Thanks, your potential employer Connor Leary