Double Rainbows

The equivalent of unicorn farts.

Double Rainbow Paragraph

Seeing a rainbow is very common, but what about double rainbows? Well, according to (2010) the best time to see them is at early in the morning or later at night. Another way to see a double rainbow is to go out when the sun is lower because it will create a higher bow even though light has to refract through water drops to create a rainbow ( thats why after a storm, you can most likely see a rainbow). When a double rainbow is visible, the second rainbow is inverted or backwards. Also, the angle you look at a rainbow can vary the way it looks.In conclusion, the way you look at a rainbow,the time of the day, and how much water is in the air can depend on if you see a double rainbow or not.

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Double Rainbow All the Way

Double Rainbow Poem

There you are at late noon

Laying on the hill side

then you notice a rainbow

as bright as a laughing panda (if you can imagine that)

and you notice that the second rainbow is inverted

And think “that must to have to be refracting twice through two water drops”
Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10

"Double Rainbow all the way!"

Man showing and reacting to a double rainbow.

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