News from the 'View

Skyview Upper Elementary School

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year!

Welcome to the new school year! The staff at Skyview is excited to welcome our students to a year that is bound to be filled with many opportunities to learn and grow. The Skyview learning community is based on the pillars of Character Counts - Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. We strive to help our students be T.R.R.F.C.C. in all that they do.

As a parent, I know that open communication is important! This type of newsletter is done on a regular basis and typically sent out via e-alert - so be sure to sign up for Skyview e-alerts to stay "in-the know." The parent portal (see link below) is also a vital communication tool - this allows you to check on your child's academic progress throughout the marking period. (We will also be transitioning to using this for report cards in third marking period.) We work to keep the Skyview website updated and our teachers maintain communication through a variety of ways - e-mail, phone calls, etc. I hope that you find these tools useful throughout the year.

We are looking forward to a T.R.R.F.C. C. school year!

Mrs. Melissa Gorla, Principal

Mr. John Smink, Assistant Principal

Skyview Academic Teams 2013-2014

5th Grade Storm Chasers - Mr. Clarke, Miss Lubenetski (LTS for Mrs. Laffey)

5th Grade Mountaineers - Mrs. Davis, Mr. Permar, Mrs. Unangst

5th Grade Galaxy - Mr. Landis, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mr. Hartenstine (LTS for Mrs. Bonder)

5th Grade Comets - Mr. Engle, Mrs. Dodds, Mrs. Gormley

5th Grade Aurora - Mrs. Brun, Mrs. Brier, Mrs. Durling (substitute for Mr. Vincent)

5th Grade Stars - Mrs. Kernop and Mrs. Keaveney

6th Grade Constellations - Mrs. Reppa, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Chantry, Mrs. Kelble

6th Grade USA - Mr. McCracken, Mrs. Sparango, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Matriccino

6th Grade Celestials - Mr. Corcoran, Mrs. Munro, Mrs. Crans, Mr. Greenover

6th Grade Astronomers - Mrs. Stutz, Mrs. Neroni, Mrs. Maier, Mrs. Scholl

Volunteering in our School

A reminder that our volunteer policy and procedures have changed! Methacton’s school volunteers are a critical and valued part of our home school community – many of the programs, activities, and special events that take place in our schools are totally dependent upon the support of our parent and community volunteers.

Many of these changes are in line with our school safety and emergency preparedness initiatives. While this will lengthen the amount of time it takes to become an approved Methacton volunteer, we know that our families support initiatives that are designed to keep your students safe while in our care. These changes, as outlined by Board Policy 916 (revised February, 2013 – as below), are:

  • All volunteers will need clearances to volunteer in any capacity including but not limited to: lunch room, holiday parties, homeroom helpers, and field trip chaperones.

  • The process to obtain clearances, obtain a TB test and become Board approved may take up to three months. Therefore, please begin the process as soon as possible to be ready for September!

Meet the Teacher Nights

Wednesday, September 25th - 5th Grade - 7 p.m.

Thursday, September 26th - 6th grade - 7 p.m.