Vote Charlotte!

Vote Charlotte Wilkes for Australia's new Prime Minister

Do you want to be heard, well then vote me!

Do you want Australia to be healthy, clean, happy, free, beautiful and clever? Well I know I do and if you vote me, Charlotte Wilkes I promise I'll do the best I can to make Australia a place we really want to live in! As a proud Australian citizen I thought it might help Australia if I go for Prime Minister. You might be thinking how can Charlotte Wilkes promise she can do these amazing things to Australia, but all you have to do is trust me here. If you really want Australia to be a better place for you and your family vote me! I will make Australia healthy by strongly recommending children aged between 5 and 18 to do a sport and I will also make sure at every school there will be more sport activities because if children learn to do sport when they are little they will continue to do it when their older. I will also put a limit on fast food. I will make Australia clean by making a law that if you litter it is a fine for $50. I will make Australia happy by paying teachers, nurse, e.g more money. To make Australia happy I will also strictly limit gambling, smoking, e.g. To make Australia beautiful I will make sure we add more parks and that we do not knock down parks, forest, jungles, e.g. I will make Australian citizens are clever by upgrading schools and university's. And helping schools and teachers.

Now I've done my part so you do your part and vote for me! You'll be Heard!

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