The Attacks Of 9/11

by Kaitlynn


It was 9/11 in New York 2 planes flew through the Twin Towers smoke was gushing out of the Towers then a few minutes later it happened...

How Many People Passed Away

About 3,ooo people passed away on 9/11.

It is unknown how many hijackers are still alive and it is unfair and devastating.

All kinds of people were in the twin towers.Fire Fighters and Police Officers and medicall doctors were there to help.

Why They Turn The Lights on 9/11

The reason they turn the blue lights on 9/11 is to support and to respect the people who passed away on 9/11. They turn the blue lights on every September 11th.Where the twin towers were.The lights go all the way up to heaven!

Where The Plains Hit

One plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Another plane crashed in New York City. That's where the twin towers fell on that devastating day. The plane crashed into the twin towers. The planes also crashed into the pentagon.

The Name Of The Hi Jackers Group

The group was called Al-Qaeda.They were the ones to attack the twin towers.People are still trying to find out why they wanted to attack the twin towers.

Fun Fact/Intresting Informatoin#1

.Did you know the twin towers are actually called the World Trade Center?

Fun Fact/Interesting Informatoin#2

.Did you know there were more than 7 hi jackers?

Fun Fact /Interesting informatoinal #3

.Did you know at least 7 hijackers are still alive?

Vocabulary Word #1

Aftermath the consequences after a unpleasent event.

Vocabulary Word #2

Passed Away died or death


It was a very sad day, but we will always

remember about all the brave Firefighters and Police Officers. 14 years later we are still sobbing over that sad day.
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This is when the twin towers were burning.
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This is a picture of the twin towers still standing in a artical.
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This is a picture of the twin towers still standing.