Belongs to the Noble Gas family

Symbol- He

  • Atomic Number- 2
  • Atomic Mass- 4.0026
  • # of Protons- 2
  • # of Neutrons- 2
  • # of Electrons- 2

Helium cost $5.20 for 100g

Without Helium minions wouldn't be floating, birthdays wouldn't be as fun, and you wouldn't be able to have those high pitched voices

Interesting Info

  • Helium is used to treat diseases that affects the lungs
  • Most common element in the universe
  • Helium is non-flammable
  • Discovered in the sun's the atmosphere before it was found on earth.
  • Helium has the lowest melting point of all the elements
  • It is also put in oxygen tanks when sea-diving

The normal phase for helium is gas

Boiling point/ -268.9° C

Melting point/ -272.2 ° C

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