No Legacy Is As Rich As HONESTY

by Mehak Sagar


Honesty means saying and doing things truthfully, being straightforward and frank, not just to others but also yourself. An honest person tells the truth, does not lie, cheat or steal.

Either you are Honest or Dishonest. Honesty is the best policy.


Terry fox would mark every mile he walked with a marker and so Terry was honest because when he lost the marker he didn't just start from a random spot he went back to the last spot he rembered and ran from there. He was honest because he didn't lie to himeself and ran every mile

Honest Japanese Return $78Million In Cash Found In Earthquake Rubble

This article was published on 17th august 2011 and it states that its been 5 moths since japan was struck by earthquake and tsunami and the japanese citizens have returned thousands of wallets and purses, containing nearly $30 million in cash.

This article shows how honest the japanese citizens were to return all the money back instead of keeping the money with them so they could use it later for themselves.