The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green

As a young teenager Hazel Lancaster was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Her antibiotics kicked in right before everyone thought she was going to die. That day she became a human miracle. Every since then she has been living a terminal life. Until one day she meets a guy name Augustus Waters, who completely changes her life forever. Come read and find out about all the fun adventures they go on.

Could you deal with the fact that you could die at anytime, and you could not do anything about it?

"I'm a grenade and at some point I am going to blow and I would just like to minimize the casualties (Green 99)."

Will you change to a new life when the opportunity comes?

It was the number one fiction book of the year. Join the millions of others who go step by step with Hazel through her obstacles.

Reasons for this electrical book.

John Green decided to write this while he worked as a student at a children's hospital. He wanted to argue for the sick peoples humanity. This girl named Esther Earl that he was good friends with, lived the same life that the character Hazel Lancaster lived. Esther showed John that a short life could also be a full one, and that is what he was trying to tell.