New Online Classes

Spring 2016

The classes listed below have been recently recorded by the professors, and will be offered online for the first time this Spring! Check out these new class options and look for them when registration starts in late October.

Also, we're excited to announce that the Theology of Christian World Mission class finishes out the MDiv Missiology track. So students can now complete that track fully online!

Pastoral Epistles: 1 Timothy (Greek)


Recorded Professor: Dr. Benjamin Merkle

This course is a detailed study of the Greek text of 1 Timothy. There are three main components to this course: (1) a review of basic Greek syntax; (2) a verse by verse analysis of the Greek text, and (3) a discussion of the theology contained in the text with a focus on biblical ecclesiology.

A Theology of Christian World Mission


Recorded Professor: Dr. George Robinson

A comprehensive and critical study of the biblical perspectives on the mission of Israel and the Church among the nations. Special attention is given to the Old Testament concepts of the creation, covenant, and election. The New Testament study focuses on the mission of Jesus, of the Church, and the apostolic understanding of mission. The biblical material will be compared with the selected historical and contemporary theologies of mission.

English Composition II


Recorded Professor: Dr. John Burkett

A survey of the research and composition skills needed to write research papers. Special emphasis will be given to developing knowledge of the Turabian format for research papers, understanding and applying principles of research, and writing effective research papers. An introduction to the primary genres of literature will also be covered.

Church History Survey


Recorded Professor: Dr. Ivan Spencer

Church History Survey contains a complete overview of Christian history from the days of the apostles to the twenty-first century. This overview examines the primitive church, the early church in the Roman Empire, the medieval church, the church of the late middle ages, the Protestant Reformation, the struggles with modernity, and the contemporary age. The course engenders an understanding of the major developments and turning points helping students to grasp theology.

New Testament Survey


Recorded Professor: Dr. Scott Kellum

A comprehensive overview of the New Testament in three sections: (1) canonical gospels; (2) Acts and the Pauline Epistles; and (3) the General Epistles and Revelation. The student should learn the cultural and historical background, introductory issues (author, provenance, date, destination and purpose), contents, major themes, and critical issues (including some hermeneutical approaches) of each of the books covered.