Technology Class

By: Grace MAntey

Typing Web

In typing web when you come to class you start to type for 5 min. I love it when we get to do that becomes you always get so into it. becomes of this typing web I can type now some time with out looking at the key bored and I can type fast now to. I think that this is my favort time of class.


Well in the i Trailer unit you get to make your one trailer. It is so cool then you get to create a trailer for your "movie". The fun part is that you can be so creative about what you wont to do with it you can do anything you would like to do.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck you get to learn and type about you dream job. You get to explore all your opshons of jobs and pick you one that you love. In this unit I learned what my dream job was and facts about it .

Explain Everything

I learned who to use the app and explain things. She gives you a problem and you have to salve it and use the app to do it. You record you toking and doing to problem at the same time.

Career Locker

In career locker you look up all these different jobs that you may wont to do when your older and you do research on them like how much you get pays your is it hot these days. I love this becomes i showed you the things that you can do.


So in this unit you get the only chance to see the code in some of your games that you play you get to help Ana or Elsa or you can help Steve from min craft. I love this one it is so cool to see the thing that make up some of the game that you play