Yellow Team Weekly Update

Week of 5/17-5/21

Upcoming Due Dates

School Chromebook Collection May 20 and 21. Chromebooks and Chargers must be turned in at this time.

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mrs. Day & Mrs. Goosen

We set up journals for documenting our progress and reflecting on our cardboard boats. Mrs. Day has volunteered to be the person in charge of cutting out cardboard for most of the groups. With her impressive arm strength as a former West Kirkwood Arm Wrestling Champion she will rip the cardboard into all of the correct shapes.

Mrs. Goosen will sit and pout on the sidelines since she isn’t any fun.

If absent, check Canvas for each class.   Sora is an audiobook and e-book resource available to all Hixson students.  Find it in Clever.

Science- Mr. Geringer & Mrs. Oliver

Students wrapped up their study of Weather, Climate, and Climate Change on Monday.

On Tuesday we began working on plans for the cardboard Regatta. We will be designing and submitting plans on Tuesday and Wednesday before beginning construction on Thursday and Friday.

Your student should have received a permission slip on (5/12) to participate in the trip to the pool. Please return it by 5/21. If you need an additional copy - please access it at this link.

Social Studies- Mrs. Goosen & Mr. Landolt

We researched the sinking of boats across history in preparation for the Hixson Regatta. Surprisingly - every boat sinking we researched had only one survivor - Mrs. Goosen! We are beginning to think she has been the one responsible for sinking all of these boats.

Contact Us

Mrs. Day: 314-918-4593

Mr. Geringer: 314-918-4573

Mrs. Goosen: 314-918-4592

Mr. Landolt: 314-918-4594

Mrs. Oliver: 314-918-4591