Yellow Team Weekly Update

Week of 2/22-2/26

Upcoming Due Dates

From the counselors:

Starting in January all students will be participating in lessons with PreventEd (formerly NCADA). They will provide their Taking Charge of Me III curriculum to our 7th grade students. This four lesson unit helps students explore the meaning of success. It motivates students to be successful and develops skills in perseverance, making healthy choices, and leadership. These lessons are being presented through a partnership with our Hixson Counselors. If you have questions/concerns please contact our grade level Counselor Mrs. Bodi,

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mrs. Day & Mrs. Goosen

We finished our non-fiction unit by completing the Smarter in Seconds videos and sharing them with the class. Ask your student what they learned.

We also started our Argument Unit. The kids were able to have mini debates and learn how to argue effectively. (Sorry Parents) We will continue to work on this next week and help them craft arguments that make changes.

If absent, check Canvas for each class.   Sora is an audiobook and e-book resource available to all Hixson students.  Find it in Clever.

Science- Mr. Geringer & Mrs. Oliver

This week in science students finished our learning about the digestive system by exploring the digestive system of other organisms - WORMS! We dissected worms and identified the organs that worms use in digestion, how they are different from human organs yet do similar jobs to human organs.

We finished the week by starting to explore how the muscular system works and allows us to interact with our environment.

Social Studies- Mrs. Goosen & Mr. Landolt

We started our Protest and Change unit and have been learning about the Jim Crow laws and the acts of Civil Disobedience that started the change. We will continue this work next week.

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