Vietnam war

Jacob Daniels

Who, What, When, Where, Why's

Dwight Eisenhower was the president during the start of the Vietnam war in November 1 1955. The real reason for the war was to contain communism that had been spreading through the eastern part of the world. The north Vietnam government (Viet Cong) was for communism but the south Vietnamese did not want that. the end of the war was April 30 1975.
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For The War

Before the war most media coverage was of the spread of communism witch help the support of the war in the beginning of the war. With TV becoming more and more abundant new traveled faster then it ever has before. This would be the first war to be televised. The media scared the people into fearing the spread of communism.


As soon as it started the bad news would come in regularly and often as every night seeing graphic images that would haunt people in there sleep. The media began to influence public opinion in a negative way to where when soldiers would be hated and spit on as the came home.

Media bias

Some of the media during the time are where time magazine, and the few channels that where on at the time would only cover the gruesome truth of the war and the bias info that was given to them by the government. They would leave out some truth to make people think the war was going in the favor of the United States. That's why I think the war went on for so long.

Criticism 1

There was a lot of racial tension during the same time as the war when it came to equal rights there was almost non when it came to Blacks and Vietnams. A lot of Vietnams were treated as in human. they were covered in a chemical called Agent orange that would burn them and blind them if it didn't kill them the would have deformed children.

Criticism 2

As the US solder were hated as the came back from the war and they had no idea why. For all they want through in the war that they really don't know why they where fighting in to coming home hated for no reason. Some of the veterans from the Vietnam war where also affected by agent orange and became deformed and lost limbs from cancer caused by the chemical.
US Army Massacred by Viet Cong