Miles and Minutes!

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Miles and Minutes 2013

Let's take the top prize back!

Last year, Aquin won $1000 as the system with the '2nd most miles total'.

Summer softball and volleyball leagues, other summer exercise, and even everyday physical activity like gardening can pay off again in prizes for Aquin this summer with FHN’s Miles And Minutes program. Miles And Minutes began Sunday, May 31 and runs through Sunday, August 30 and encourages healthy activity as participants log their minutes to win prize money for the school of their choice. Anyone anywhere can register for this online program at and Aquin can win another $2000 for 1st place!

All of the rules of the competition are at FHN's site, as well as information about how miles and minutes will be calculated to determine the winning school systems. A calculator on the website automatically converts minutes of almost any type of physical activity into miles, and prizes will be awarded in miles in two categories:

• School system with the most average “miles” logged per participant

• School system with the most “miles” total

Miles are normalized based on number of students to help ensure that all schools have an equal chance to win. First prize for each category is $2000, second prize is $1000, and third prize is $500! Prize money will be awarded in September.

Competition begins Sunday, May 31 and runs through Sunday, August 30.

  • You can log your activity up to two weeks after completion (the last day you'll be able to log activity will be Sunday, Sept. 13).
  • Participants (must be age 12 and above) can support any school system, and running totals will always be on the website as well as reported through the media.

When you register, select 'Freeport Catholic' as your school.

  • You will have to register as a new participant for the 2015 summer competition.
  • There is a mobile site this year to use for logging your 'miles and minutes'. Access that on your tablet and then 'bookmark' it to your home screen for easy logging.
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It's Time for some New Uniforms!

In case the word didn't get home yesterday, Aquin has designated any winnings from this year's 'Miles and Minutes' campaign to fund new uniform purchases for our 5th-8th grade athletic teams.

Anyone who has had students participate in this level of athletics at Aquin knows there is no money in the annual budget for our 'Junior High Athletics'. This department's income is based solely on gate admissions and athletic fees. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins (volunteers for over 50 years!) have kept the department going with tremendous volunteer support and the running of a 'tight ship'. But, as other expenses have risen and incomes have not, to say the uniforms for all of our 17 teams at that level have been 'well-worn' is an understatement.

So, Administration has designated the winnings of this year's campaign to be new uniforms for the Junior High (5th-8th grade) Athletics. Now, they realize that this does not directly benefit the Senior High students, but asked that these students remember what it was like when they were in those grades. Hopefully they will take pride in the knowledge that their efforts will benefit Aquin Bulldogs of the future. Being part of this effort should prove to be motivation for all in the Aquin community.

Note: The warm-ups pictured above were first worn in 1984. (They just don't make 'em like that anymore!) For those of you who haven't seen the 7-8th Aquin teams lately--they're still wearing these warm-ups. They did get new uniforms in 2005. Until then, were wearing the shorts pictured here! (for more classic Aquin Jr. High Boys Basketball team photos click here)


Register today at and help Aquin while you enjoy a summer of healthy competition!