Tony Abbott The new PM


Tony Abbott (born on the 4th of november 1957) has recently became our new prime minister and is looking to stay there for a while. He has won the House Of Representatives and we are still waiting for the results for the senate. Tony abott wants to get rid of the carbon tax, stop the boats and get rid of broadband.


Tony Abbott went to Oxford University. Oxford University is found in England and is one of the most educated in the world. He graduated and returned to Australia to became a priest. After this he became alife guard, a boxer and was inchare of a concrete factory. We he finnished he finnaly became a pollitition and in 2009 he became leader of the oposition

Carbon tax

Carbon tax is the tax givin to someone if they want to use enviromently free gasses for factories.

Stoping the boats

Stoping the boats means stoping reffugees comming into Australia and giving more money to other countries.


Broadband is a connection that is costing the government lots of money and he is going to replace with something cheaper


Overall Tony Abbott will be a good Prime Minister and created lots of good policies and laws. And the new leader of oposition will hopefully lead Labour into a new victory.