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April 8, 2016 v. 3 issue 31

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As part of the Leadership Series professional learning sessions orchestrated by Dr. Jungmann, I completed my spring PL sessions this week. I participated in sessions that focused on a study of the book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown. McKeown advocates for "the disciplined pursuit of less". An essentialist discerns what is absolutely essential and then eliminates everything that is not. The goal with this approach is to make the highest possible contribution toward the things that really matter.

We all suffer from being overextended and trying to accomplish many things. An essentialist would ask if you are really doing anything well. McKeown purports that essentialism is a whole new way of doing things...not doing less but better. One thing that I found very interesting is how McKeown's work parallels what my yoga instructor emphasizes. Some of you know that Justine Lines kick-started my passion for Yoga. We used to have classes here after school and when those ended I sought out classes off campus. At 2BWell (plug for the best yoga classes in Springfield and owned by a future GHS parent) every yoga class ends with an inspirational reading. The focus of these readings is looking at your life's focus, being grateful for what you have and prioritizing the things that matter.

It seems timely during this very busy and CRAZY time of year that I keep hearing the same message. Focus on what's important. McKeown has lots of suggestions for how to move toward thinking like an essentialist. There are four parts to his book. Part 1 defines the core of an essentialist. Part 2 gives suggestions for discerning "the trivial many from the vital few". Part 3 talks about cutting out things that are considered the trivial many. And part 4 emphasizes how to make the vital few things doable. As a mid-level manager, I do not necessarily have the final say over what is and what is not important. However, like many of you I feel overextended at times and could probably cut out a few "trivial many's". If you would like to borrow my book let me know!!

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