Facebook teacher student friendship

Why not?

Teachers should be able to add their students

0 some of the kids that their teachers aren't 'cool' enough to be their friends or followers on social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, etc.) Part of it is because students think they're all that and think that teachers are lame and they're the 'big dog' when it comes to popularity.

Bad sides:

1 - 3

1. It could be awkward

2. If the student were to say something bad on the site, the teacher would see it and report them.

3. Gossip around school about the teacher and how 'lame' they are.

Good side: 1 - 3

1. if the student were absent, and needed the work, they could message the teacher.

2. They might be able to ask about a question about their homework if they needed help.

3. It could help the teacher and student get along at school and at home.