African Dance

by: Alexa, Tenia, Josie, Jocelyn, Amy, karla

The Importance of Music in African Dance

In African dance, the drum is one way to set the mood and brings everyone together as a community. Other instruments are used as well, such as gourds strung with beads. Clapping, stamping feet, and most of all singing also create rhythmic music for African dance. As dancers move in an expression of their inner feelings, their movements are generally in rhythm to the music.


African culture dance

music: indigenous African musical

and dance expressions that are maintained by oral tradition and that are stylistically distinct from the music region to region.

Dance is an integral part of the African culture. Dancers use symbolic gestures , masks , costumes , body painting and prompts to communicate.


African dancing is a way of bonding with their tribe. When the Africans dance the use the hips mostly for movement in the dance. In Africa they would have a dance master to teach complicated dances to children and all the African people. The dance master makes sure the dance is perfect, because its important to the tribe its preformed exactly how taught. The African people would use drums to set the mood for the dancing but they used other instruments too, like clapping of the hands stomping of the feet, beads, and also singing to help the rhythm.

Setting ,Appearance, Movement

Setting : African dances are mostly taken place in an alley way where everyone stands outside and watches

Movement : Africans use mostly there body to make there music or rhythms. Such as stomping their bare feet to the floor or clapping their hands, they also sing or shout while they are dancing. They mostly dance to the beat of a drum or ensembles of percussive instruments . Their reasons for dancing are different and the choreography is based on acts of reality

Appearance : African appearance on African cultural dances they wear feathers, lots of beads and jewelry.