Culture of Benin

The People

In Benin the population is 7.25 million and it annually increases by 2.9 percent. The officail language of Benin is French it is used in two ares education and government. cristianity is main religion in Benin and it has been around since the 17th century. In Benin their general attitude is different from here in North America. The concept of privacy does not exist there.


Familys in Benin usaully include a compound of seperate homes. The group of homes are surrounded by a fence or wall and has the usual courtyard with a well, and space for pets or animals. Beninese take pleasure getting together with each other. The common recreation is doing the interactive activities such as lawn bowling, handball, wrestling, and basketball. In Benin the largest holidays iclude New Year's Day and Easter in which is celebrated withs days full of dancing and Eating.


Greetings in Benin always includes a conversation. Men usually shake with their right hand.Eating habits depend on the persons's activities. Rural workers may eat breakfast and lunch in the feild. And they may return home to eat dinner after dark


Benin is on of the pooriest countries in the world. there is very few profit besides oil revenue. Transportation by roads aren't like what we have since the roads there are mostly unpaved. A healthcare system is another thing Benin lacks. But on the other hand socails centers arwe working to educate Beninians about immunization and infant nutrition