By: Lexi, Leisly, Esmeralda, Chase

The Beginning

Transportation took days, specifically 5 days.

They were all cramped in one cattle truck, they didn't know anything that was happening. They had to leave all their belongings and give up the gold that they had.

Halfway Through

They had no bathroom so they had to use a corner to do their business. The stench in cattle truck was horrible from all the urine and excrement. They were given food in the beginning but anything after that they had to deal with on their own. if they ran out of food then that was their fault.


Many of the deportees died before they reached their destination. the Germans killed/shot anybody that tried to escape. they weren't treated like humans because they didn't look like humans. The "creatures" weren't the same anymore after. When they got out they were shaved, showered, stripped, and they saw the cart full of babies to be shot or burned.
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