Bad History Days


Hi im Tabitha 1 day i saw dis luh grl coming dawn da stret in dis wagin wit ha brada n dey go ask this luh blac boy fo sum wata n he got it and dis luh gul keep lookin me up n dawn and da same day was da slave sale dey look lik dey go be der n i was heated cus it was da slave sale dey lef to go n we lef i was on stage and i saw ha lookn at me n nex thig ya no she spit up dat was nasty and we was sick cus she saw us lookn lik dis she felt our pain she waved bie n ha n ha brada lef
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Harriet Tubman

Hi my name is Harriet Tubman my I was born im 1820 and when I was young I lived in a cabin with my family and 11 more people. One day my owner was beating a boy with a metal pole and missed him and hit me and keept hitting me and I blacked out because of that and I still have em till this day and thats what my life was like when I was a kid.Here go my life events 1st I got maried to john Tubman in 1844 then he had left so we was not maried no more in 1849.This will make you happy guess what me and him got back to gather in 1869.This is the things that I accomplishment I went to Maryland 19 times to save 300 slaves and thats what I all ways wonted to do, opened a home for blacks and I was the leader of the under ground rail road and if a person try to leave I will kill them that was one of my jobs like when it was a war I was a nurse and a spy.Even whites did not like me I loved helping them and I like white kids.

How I Escaped Slavery

One day I was really really hot no water or nothing and working on the plantation and thinking about escaping and I did cause I have goals to meet and I was tired of being a slave all day so I ran away and I went to the woods and spent the night there case I got tired of walking so I was trying to go to sleep under a nice oak tree but it was night the beautiful stars was out and it felt good to be a runaway slave that as trying to get to a free state and I fell asleep fast I woke up the sky was so nice.I got up on a empty stomach and started my walk to the road and it was really long but I had to do it safe and quiet so the slave catchers did not hear me trying to go to a free state I went the wrong way after all that walking and it was getting dark before you know it I was sneaking back into the woods and was at the same oak tree and was fast a sleep again.I woke up and was thinking this was the second day without eating or drinking something I start walking deep into the woods because I walked in a circle so today i'm going deep into the woods to find the north.

4 days later

YES!!! The north i'm in the north and now i'm free to go yes i made my dream come true and i'm happy i never got caught by the slave owners because they would of beat me to I can't walk and make me pick till I can't talk so now i'm happy I made the best choice for me.

Vicksburg war

Dear, siblings, May 23, 1863

hi I miss you guys so much I wont to let you know im in Vicksburg war and im fighting because they are trying to starve us this is the 2d month and we are in Mississippi and I feel bad because we are losing and we need to win by the way im battling Grant.It started May 18 1863 and it ended july 4 1863. I really wont to come home but I got to keep my family safe I can not let my family down many people die of starvation a lot and I do not wont it to be you thats why im fighting I dont like it but I have to do it for our health.Okay bye I gotta get get back to the war because I only had a cupple min

From:Your brother

Interveiw with Fredrick Douglass

Hi my the boy name is Frederick Douglass and I am interveiwing and I wont to know more about his slave life was he happy some times or not thats what i wont to know how he feel and if he get freedom what will he do with it?

1. What year did you run away and why?

The year that I ran away was 1838 and because I wonted to be free so bad and it was taking a long time so I ran away and returned my self and fought the slave owner

2. What did u eat?

We all ate the things we formed like corn,sweet potato's greens and they killed animals for pork

3. How much slaves where sold for?

Most of the slaves got sold for $650 and I dont know about all the slaves

4. How many kids do you have?

I have 5 kids 3boys and 2girls

5. What do you think of your master?

I do not like them because i did not like being slaved but I like his wife cause she show me how to read

6. What was your life like as a slave?

Sad because he got worked 2 times harder

7. Where did you get water from?

All slaves drunk from the well

8. Where did you get married?

I got married in New york city

The Slave Form

This is the slave form with a mini form a well, 2 slaves houses, a pond and the slave owner house and the form is growing cotton, wheat and beans
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Slave world

this is the frount point of view
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