sammy davis jr

the man the hero the legand

in the begining

sammy davis jr was born on december 8 1925 in new york city. he started preforming at the age of three and found he had a natral talent for it. he preformed with his dad in his dads band till he was 25. It was hard for a black person to "hit it big" in show bisness around that time but sammy did it any way goinhg solo in 1950. He prodocesd two albums that where fairly sucsessfull and that was the start off his carer.

his life acomplisments

after becoming a headliner in la he became a hit on broadway. He stared in mr wonderfull and golden boy both of wich where huge hits. in November 1954 sammy davis jr was in a car acedent and almost died it shatered his face and runied his eye. Despite iteratial mariges being iligal in 31 states he mairied swedish actrice may brit in 1960 they had one dautar and adopted two sons. sammy also stared in porgey and bess and a sieres of rat pack movies and he3 became a superstar.

his impact on segrigation

sammy was so agaist segrigation he refused to play at vednues that pratice segrigation.

sammy also marched with activists in all the big marche in wasintion dc. He even stood mr martin luther king jr he had such and impact on civl wights. So natraly it was sad when he died of lung cancer after maring again in 1990 thats when he died i mean.