Bravery Memorial Page - Hans Scholl

By Hunter Hook

Quotes from "Hitler Youth" that tell the story of Hans

"They packed the leaflets into empty suitcases. Boldly, they carried the suitcases past army patrols, the police, and the Gestapo." (Bartoletti 124)

"Using tar-based paint, Hans, Alex ans Willi painted 'Down with Hitler' and other slogans on houses on Ludwigstrasse, a main street near the university.... The university plastered posters over the graffiti." (Bartoletti 125)

Facts of Hans' Bravery

  • Hans joined the 'Hitler Youth' but quickly backed out when he saw what the true meaning of the program was, so he decided to try to spread the wrongs of what he learned about the program to try to prevent the Holocaust
  • After being beheaded for his actions his six leaflet was smuggled out of Germany to the United Kingdom where the UK used it for evidence of what Hitler was actually doing

Quote From Hans Himself

"It's high time that Christians made up their minds to do something . . . What are we going to show in the way of resistance-as compared to the Communists, for instance-when all this terror is over? We will be standing empty-handed. We will have no answer when we are asked: What did you do about it?" (Hans Scholl)


Hans Life

Overall Hans did an incredible deed in making the pamphlets to prevent Hitler from gaining even more power. By doing this when the people read the pamphlets they understood and realized how Hitler was influencing everyone to follow him and taking control of Europe. He showed true bravery by standing up for what he thought was right even though he knew that it would eventually get him killed.