How to Become President

Steps to become the President

Requirements to become President:

You have to be an american born citizen and you have to live in the states at least 14 years if you move out of the states then move. You have to be at least the age of 35 year old there is no maximum age.

Step One: Primaries and Caucuses;

Gathering all the votes you can from these two groups, or you seem to hold both of these parties attention. There are differences between these two groups. A Caucuses is where people will sit down and they will try to talk another member into liking you as a president they discuss, unlike the Primary group where they don't go in and talk about they just go in and vote looking at if they want you to represent the USA. Though you do not go to all of these Caucuses meetings you will have to do your best to pick out someone that will do a good job at representing you for president.

Step Two: National Convention;

There are two main Conventions, one for democrats and one for republicans, and of course other parties. This is when they pick you, if they do indeed like you, as a final nomination to be president. You will have a vice president and you will have to show the people that you care. Win them over with reasonable things that you can do when you take the office, that is if you win the Electoral college. This is a major area of when people deiced that they want you as the president . Like it was stated before, because this is a main key, show them that you care and that you can relate to them.

Step 3: General Election;

After all your hard work with the first two steps this is when people across the Nation cast their votes in on who they believe they think will be able to run this country. If you had done a good job on the first two steps you might have the most votes within that state, meaning you won that states votes. For you to win these votes, show the people that you care, show them you will do what you said you would do when you'd be president, show them that you do not have empty promises, show them you truly do care for their well being.

Step 4: Electoral College

What is an electoral college? It is when two representatives from each state. These people will cast their votes for you as a president. For you to win the Electoral College you need to have 270 votes. If you do not get all 270 votes you will not become president, no matter how many votes you had won from the General Election. If you only get 269 votes you will not be president. This is where people deiced if you become the president. If you win this you will get sworn into office January 20th.
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