Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

November 13, 2015

What's Up in the Classroom?

Math - We've worked on our "counting on" strategy this week to find unknown partners in equations. For example, 7 + ? = 10. We practiced this with story problems, straight equations and math mountains.

Writing - Students have been working on telling stories in "Itsy-Bitsy" steps this week. They are learning to stretch their small moments out and give lots of details about the topic. One strategy we've tried to get them to remember to tell the whole event is acting out what they've written down. This helps them realize when they have holes in their stories.

Language Arts - Text to text connections was our focus in reading. Students learned to connect a character in one book to a character in a different book. They also learned to connect story themes from one book to another. This was a tough skill but they did really well with it!!

Social Studies - We've continued to work on citizenship with a special interest in the veterans this week. Students learned about the special holiday and how we as citizens of the United States can appreciate our men and women who serve.

Word Sort - Students received a new word sort this week. Group 1 had their test go home while group 2 left theirs at school for me to keep. Both groups will have their tests go home next week. Periodically, I will keep tests for my records. So, if you don't see it come home within a day or two, it means I kept it as a sample of your child's progress in spelling.

Report Cards

Today your child’s report card is available for view on Power School. It is important to understand that the benchmarks are end of the year targets. If you see your child at a two, this simply means they are learning these skills so they are proficient by the end of the year.

Swimming Fun

Concert Help

The Forest Glen Winter Concerts are fast approaching! Performances will be held at the Bay Port High School Performing Arts Center at the following dates and times:

Tuesday, Dec. 1st

2nd Grade - 5:30 pm (students arrive at 5:20)

3rd Grade - 6:30 pm (students arrive at 6:20)

4th Grade - 7:30 pm (students arrive at 7:20)

Thursday, Dec. 3rd

Kindergarten - 5:30 pm (students arrive at 5:20)

1st Grade - 6:30 pm (students arrive at 6:20)

Parent volunteers are needed to help students get organized before the concert and then to lead them on and off the stage for the performance. If you are willing or able to volunteer, please sign up on Volunteer Spot using the following link, or contact volunteer coordinator Jessica Peche at (920) 655-4895.

You may sign up to help out any class, not just the one your child is in. As a special treat, volunteers will have reserved seating in the auditorium during the performance.

More Winter Concert Help

A note from Kathy Schommer:

I am looking for parents or teachers who will be attending the winter concerts and would be willing to tape off the front row for those who won the seats at the Spring Carnival auction last March. If you could please advertise for a volunteer in your classroom newsletter, I would appreciate the help. I will be doing the first concert each night, as I can access the PAC during the school day. I also have a 2nd grader, so I can do the 3rd grade concert seats. However, I am looking for a 3rd grade volunteer to tape off the 4th grade seats and a kindergarten volunteer to tape off the 1st grade seats. Anyone interested can contact me at or call/text to 288-2321.

Thank you of your help,

Kathy Schommer