System software

utility programmes


Anti-virus is a system which stops viruses entering and corrupting the computer. It alerts you if and when a virus has entered and gives you a choice whether you want to destroy it or not. It tells you whether the website you're on has any viruses or not.

An example of an anti-virus system is Avast anti-virus system.

Spyware protection

spyware protection is a system which one is installed collects all of your data on the computer , it checks what you have done on the computer and moniters it too.

An example of spyware protection is Malware.

Disk organisation

Disk organisation helps you organize your work and it also helps your computer go more faster.


Formatting is how data is organised in a clear and easy format. it has to be very well set out and easy to find any sort of data.

File tranfer

File transfer is where you can transfer any sort of file or important documents to any device which can save.

An example of file transfer is by using a USB.

Defragmentation (defragment utility)

Defragmentation is a process where is reduces the amount of fragmentation it physically organizes the contents.

An example of defragmentation is file system fragmentation.

System maintenance

System maintenance is when it develops a life cycle.

By Davina Rattanpal 9.1