The Magestic Magnolia Midlands

By: Faizan Murtaza and Shelby Shepherd

Magnolia Midlands Region

The Midlands of Georgia are very beautiful. What there is inside it is what counts! Your vacation will be a blast!

People in the Region!

The main people you will meet are farmers called Gullahs. Gullah are ancestors of african americans living in the slave time. They are extremly friendly and known for their southern hospitality. You will never feel lost or left out withe these wonderful georgians!

First day!

For your first day on the magnolia midlands, you will check into your beautiful hotel, The Hampton Inn. After you get settled in, you will visit the wonderful Vidalia museum. After a long day of onions and crying, you will dine at the casual Deano's Itallian Grill.

Hotels and Resorts

We have found a beautiful Hotel for you in the City of Dublin, The Hampton Inn. It is a four star hotel located on Highway 441 South. It is located in rural Dublin, and it is very close to the Heart of Georgia Technical Colledge and the Riverview Golf Course. I hope uou enjoy!

The Vidalia Onion: Our Major Crop

The most major crop in the Midlands is the Vidalia Onion. A lot of people grow this crop and are very succesful in making a various amount of money. The crop was so famous that the people created a city named Vidalia and made a Vidalia Onion Museum in its name. What an exciting crop to eat!

Deano's Italian Grille

Deano's is a wonderful retaurant in Dublin. It is famous for their brick oven pizzas. Their most popular item ordered on the menu is the Chicken Marsala. It is a pan seared chicken breast cooked on their wood oven and topped with sauteed mushrooms, roasted garlic butter, and marsala wine sauce.

Second Day!

When you come out of your room, you will be taken to do Strawberry Picking! The great summer smell of the strawberry's are yummy and ripe! It costs money, but we already prepaid for you. Next, we will be taking you to the Georgia Technical College! You will get a free tour of the college and a free lunch! You will get to experience one of the classes, and meet the principal. Finally, you will get dinner and go back to your hotel!

Extraordinary Activities!!

There are many extraordinary activities that you can do here in the Midlands. One of the most famous ones are Strawberry Picking!! If you come at the right season (Which is summer!!), you will have a blast!! There are many other fun activities in the this region but, remember, dont get left out on these activities the whole family can do!

Heart of Georgia Technical College

In this amazing college, you get the oppritunity to do American Literature, Anatomy and Physiology, GED preparation, Radiologic Technology, Medical Assisting, Practical Nursing, Cosmetology, Automotive Technology, Welding, and many more! An amazing campus and education for an amazing school!!

Major Attractions!

There are many attractions to choose from in this beautiful region. Such as the Vidalia Onion museum, Tumi Luggage Factory Store, The Historic Downtown Dublin Walking Tour, Towns Bluff Park and Heritage Center, RV Park and Campground, Center for Wildlife Education, and the Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center.

Third Day!

Rise and shine! Today you have a fun filled day of history and, of course, food. First, you will go to the Huddle House for breakfast. Then, you will head out to the Jefferson Davis Memorial State Park, where your lunch will be served. Finally, you will dine at Papi Loco's!

Huddle House

Monday, June 16th, 9am

1100 Hillcrest Pkwy

Dublin, GA

This cute little breakfast joint is very well known for their pancakes and bacon!

Jefferson Davis: A Famous Person

Jefferson Davis (June 3, 1808 – December 6, 1889) was the President of the Confederate States of America during the entire Civil War. He was born here in the Magnolia Midlands! His memorial state park is in the Magnolia Midlands and you can visit it!

Papi Loco's!

Papi Loco's is a fun Mexican bar and grill that serves all types of authentic Mexican food. Their house special is the sizzling fajitas. They have anything from enchiladas, to salads and dips!

Fourth Day!

You will spend all of your fourth day exploring the delightful city of Dublin, Georgia. The only thing that I absolutely request that you do in Dublin, is The Historic Downtown Dublin Walking Tour. Anything else is in your curious hands.

Dublin, Georgia

Dublin is the county seat of Laurens County and as of today, has a population of 16,201. Dublin is home to many festivals and pagents! There are so many beautiful men and women that competitively participate. The most famous fesitval in Dublin, is the St. Patricks Day Festival. As soon as you step into this wonderful city, you will immediately fall in love with it!

Fifth Day!

On your fifth and final you will take a tour of the Tumi Luggage Factory, where your breakfast will be served. Next, you will go to the H and S Lunch Room for your afternoon lunch. Finally, you will visit The Center for Wildlife Education. After a long day, you will head back to the hotel and have a relaxing night of room service and spa treatments. Now remember this is your last night so I would suggest packing your bags ready to leave early in the morning. You have a long drive ahead of you!

Tumi Luggage Factory

The Tumi Luggage Factory is manufactured right in the beautiful city of Vidalia, Georgia, just 50 minutes from Dublin. Tumi is one of the top companies for durable, and fashionable, luggage. Since it is the manufacturing site, there are huge discounts!

H and S Lunch Room

Friday, May 16th, 12pm

118 N Jefferson St

Dublin, GA

This wonderful little lunch place is known for their delicious burgers!

Center for Wildlife Education

The Center has a 12-acre wetland sanctuary that has a pond, beaver lodge, cypress pond, waterfowl pond, and several species of Birds of Prey. You will fall in love with this animal-loving education center!

Thank You!

your travel advisors;

Shelby Shepherd


Faizan Murtaza