Keep Smiling Through

Ann Rinaldi


Kay Hennings is growing up in the middle-class Americas in the 1940s. Her stepmother, Amazing Grace makes life extremely hard and painful for her. Amazing Grace is a very unhappy selfish woman who takes her unhappiness out on everyone around her. Kay is always trying to please everyone around her including Amazing Grace who makes it impossible. Kay loves listening to her radio shows and she strives to be like her heroes. Kay finally gets the opportunity to do the right thing, she find that sometimes its not easy to do


Kay Hennings and her family moved to a house in the country.
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Man vs. Man- Amazing Grace and Kay fight a lot in the story and Amazing Grace makes life hell for Kay.

Man vs. Society- Kay doesn'ty really fit in at school and kids make fun of what she wears and what she looks like.


Man vs. Self- Kay doesn't like the way she looks and when she tries to be brave and do the right thing it back fires.

The Lone Ranger
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