How the Radio Changed the World

By-Jacob Allen

The Radio

The radio as we know it today was first made in 1895 by Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, where he sent morse code through radio waves. By the 1930's, most houses in America and Europe had one radio set in the household. The stations broadcast sports events, music, and the latest news that came before the paper. Today, radio is in our cars, phones, and influences practically every aspect of our lives.

Movement of People


One example of how radio has affected the movement of people is job advertisements-if someone in Houston hears about a great job offer for them in New York, they may move there. Or someone hears about a big event in a different state, they may go there when previously they may never have gone to.

Movement of Goods


Radio has influenced the movement of goods for many years. The first infomercials were in fact sent over radio to the masses, allowing them to hear about new products and deals on the stock market. Also, radio has been used by truckers hauling goods all over the country for years.

Movement of Ideas


This is the main movement that radio has affected, radio was the main mode for transportation of ideas for almost 40 years before the invention of the T.V. in 1927. infomercials, religious sermons, and weather warnings are just a few things to name.