Curveball The year I Lost my Grip

Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

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Main Character

Peter Friedman is the star pitcher of his baseball team. That's what he eats, breaths and sleeps. His elbow has been hurting this whole season. He's afraid to tell someone, because he doesn't want his parents to not let him play. That was a big mistake. Peter has always had a love for photography. Hes been taking pictures with his grandpa ever since he was little. Than, all of a sudden his grandpa starts acting weird. He gave all of his camera stuff to Peter, and seems like he is forgetting everything. On a walk home from school his grandpa calls and says he fell down and needs help up. Now Peter can't play baseball ever again, and he finds out his grandpa might have Alzheimer's.

Book Review

"Jordan Sonnenblick scores a home run with Curveball as he continues what he does best: getting to the core of issues that resonate with teens in a style that's direct and witty." – Book Page

* "Sonnenblick again shows an adept ability to tackle big-deal life issues, treat them seriously and believably, and filter them into a high-spirited, even fun story." – Book list, starred review

* "The novel is populated with kind, vulnerable characters who care about each other, and the thoroughly enjoyable mix of sports, art, family drama, and budding romance will have readers invested in Peter's struggles to accept his new world." – Publishers Weekly, starred review

About the author

The author of the novel, Curveball The Year I Lost My Grip, is Jordan Sonnenblick. Jordan writes books for the audience of little kids and teenagers. He has written 8 books through out his life. He has written books such as Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie, Notes from the Midnight Driver and more! Jordan really likes baseball, his favorite team is the Yankees! Also he was born on an army base in Missouri! After high school he went to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he majored in English, but also took a ton of courses in Russian, history, and anthropology. Then he taught 8th grade English in New Jersey for 11 years. Jordan would have been happy teaching middle school forever, but life took a strange turn. In 2002-03, he had a student named Emily, whose little brother was in treatment for cancer. Emily rarely talked about her brother’s illness, but of course it was very hard on her. One day Jordan asked her mom whether it would be helpful if I found a book for Emily to read about a teen going through a similar situation. Emily’s mom said yes, but he couldn’t find a novel that I thought would be just right for Emily. So he wrote Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie.
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This book takes place in three main places. The first place is at Peters house, he spends a lot of time specifically in his room. Another place, takes place in photography class, where he sits right next to the girl of his dreams. The last place is a bunch of places combined. The baseball field, the swimming pool and the gymnasium, this is were he takes pictures with Angelika for a school newspaper.


The novel Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip is a great book. It has a very good plot twist. On the front cover you think the book will mainly be about photography but maybe a little photography. But, its not. He puts a turn when Peter has an injury and can never play again, Peter then gets more interested in photography, and that's what he sticks to. Throughout the book Jordan Sonnenblick uses great ideas and very good word choice. If you're into Baseball or photography, or just reading this book is for you!
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