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Planning a Funeral

Funeral Planning Checklist

There are a number of things to consider when planning a funeral. Planning a funeral can be a very complicated process, made even more difficult by the emotional stress that accompanies the death of a loved one. Fortunately many arrangements can be made ahead of time to decrease the burden on those left behind.

Below is a funeral planning checklist (Funeral Planning Checklist, N.D.)

  • Assemble personal information for the obituary
  • Chose a charity to direct donations to
  • Chose burial or cremation
  • Select a casket or cremation container
  • Chose family viewing or visitation
  • Select photographs to be displayed
  • Decide which religious or fraternal items are to be displayed
  • Decide what the deceased will wear
  • Select music, hymns, and solos
  • Select a memorial register
  • Select memorial folders and acknowledgement cards
  • Chose clergy or officiator
  • choose organist or other musical participants
  • Select pallbearers
  • Select family member or friend to perform the eulogy
  • Chose a cemetery
  • Select a burial or cremation plot

Planning your own service

For more information on planning your own funeral or memorial service please visit

Coping financially with the loss

For information on financially coping with the loss of a loved one please visit


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