A fun introduction to piano for students with disabilities

Give it a Try--Three Lessons Free!

Upbeat Studio is associated with the Arc of Sedgwick County and lessons are open to school-age children through adults.

What you can expect:
  • Age-appropriate lessons designed specifically for each student
  • Emphasis on skills that transfer to other subjects such as math and reading
  • A teaching style that gives each student the tools to read, play, and compose music
  • FUN, upbeat, and friendly environment that fosters a love of learning and music!


Piano Pals is a unique and exciting way to learn the piano. Not only does it provide a fun bonding experience for you and your child, but you will know exactly how to practice with your child at home--and you'll learn to play the piano as well! This format provides many musical benefits that come from learning with someone else (playing duets, theory games, performing for each other…to name a few!) and helps ensure the success of your child as we all work together toward a common goal.

Private lessons with one-on-one instruction are also available. Parents are still encouraged to attend the lesson in order to know how to practice with their child at home.


After the first three (free) introductory lessons, the prices for lessons are listed below. Since Upbeat subsidizes the cost of lessons through donations, any way you can help spread the word will help lower the costs for you! Current prices are shown below.

Parent Piano Pals lessons:
30 minute lesson once a week
$75 per month (includes materials)

Individual lesson:
30 minute lesson once a week
$75 per month (includes materials)


Please contact Rachel Luecke for more information:


My goal in teaching is to share the joy of music while building skills and strategies that my students will use throughout their lives. It is not about a single performance or reaching a certain level of playing, but rather it is about the wealth of learning that happens when studying an instrument--the self-discovery, self-discipline, and accomplishments along the way. I strive to meet each student where they are and then challenge and stretch them to reach their goals and potential. I seek to share the joy of music with each student so that they in turn can share it with others. My philosophy is simply to share music and change lives.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

~Rachel Luecke


Rachel Luecke is an experienced teacher with a degree in music education and a member of MTNA, KMTA, and WMMTA. Besides teaching privately, she has worked at a private school where she developed a piano program specifically for the school and successfully taught over 50 students of diverse abilities and learning styles. A former parent attests to her teaching: "I was always incredibly impressed by her patience and positive disposition...Her knowledge and ability to explain complex topics simply is a gift. Rachel has successfully shared her love of music with my children and myself. This is a gift that I am grateful to have received.”