Who was Charles Darwin???

By: Michaela Stephens and Karsyn Smith

Where was Charles Darwin born?

Charles Darwin was born in Strewsbury, Shropshire on February the 12th of 1809.

Where did Charles Darwin get his college education?

Charles Darwin went to college at Edinburgh University in Scottland to study medicine but he was notable to watch an operation being perfomed in the year of 1825.  He later re-entered college to be a minister at Christs College, Cambridge, England in 1828. He soon gave up on that idea but he continued to study. He attended John Stevens Henslow course in botany (the study of plants), started a collection of beetles that became famous, and read widely. He received his bachelor degree in 1831.

Some of Charles Darwin character traits were?

That he was smart and polite.

Charles Darwins socioeconomic class was?

Charles Darwins socioeconomic class was that he came from a wealthy background.


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What books did Charles Dawin write?

*Published The Journal of a Naturalist  in 1839*Published Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle in 1840*Published The Structure & Distribution of Coral Reef in 1842 *Wrote 1st draft of Origin of Species in 1842 and in 1844 expanded the book*Published Monograph on the Cirripedia in 1851-1853*Published On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection in 1859*Published Fertilization of Orchids in 1862*Published Variation of Animals & Plants Under Domestication in 1868*Published The Descent of Man & Selection in Relation to Sex  in 1871*Published The Expression of Emotions in Man & Animals  in 1872*Published Effects of Cross and Self-Fertilization in Vegetable Kingdom in 1876
Evolution: Who Was Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin's contribution to biological science was?

Charles Darwins contribution to biological science was that he injoyed the environment around him. On the HMS Beagle he was the captains naturalist. Darwin loved to investigate the life around him.

Charles Darwin's adult career was?

When he went to college and learned medical stuff.Charles Darwin worked as a Geologist, Biologist and Botanist, and a Naturalist. He was also a writer. He uncovered many fosssils in South American.