What's Happening at School?

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools May 2019

Finishing the School Year Strong

The students and staff at GT/RA finish the school year completing assessments and final exams. The teachers use the information gathered to share with next year's teachers to know where to start with the students and class. They also use the data to see what areas can be improved and what areas are strong in their classroom. Reading and math fluency, along with comprehension and listening are assessed. Many fInal exams are given to see what summative learning was done by students. On the right, Mr. Hough talks with a student about a passage that was read.

Mrs. Kirk checks reading fluency and comprehension.

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RA 7th grade created displays to show the plot structure of a book that they read.

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GT Third Grade Make Lava Lamps

The third grade students made lava lamps from oil, water, food coloring, and a piece of alka-seltzer. Students observed what happens when you mix oil and water. They then made observations as drops of food coloring were added. Adding a piece of alka-seltzer then created an amazing reaction. Students learned about density from this creation.

GT TK, Kindergarten, and First Grade Thematic Learning

Mr. Girres, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Jacobson planned thematic activities for their afternoons in May. Cross-curricular activities including books, guest speakers, and experiments. In the pictures students are building bird nests and protecting eggs in an egg drop.

Book Projects by GT Sixth Grade

Mrs. Jungers' sixth grade students complete a book challenge by reading a select number of books throughout the year. Students created games, posters, presentations, or models about one the books that they read. Then had to tell their classmates about the book and their project!

RA Preschool enjoy inside recess on a rainy day in May.

GT Middle School PE

Eighth grade students play the game Wall Ball. Similar to speed football, students pass the ball to team mates down the court, touching the ball to the wall to score points.

GT Middle School Leadership Academy

The GT middle school students spend the final few days of school in Leadership Academy. The students work on teamwork, problem solving, and character with their home room.

GT/RA Elementary Survivor Celebration

The GT and RA students elementary students played the Survivor game as an end of the school year celebration. The RA PK - 2 and GT TK-2 grades enjoyed the afternoon at the Ruthven School. The Palo Alto Sheriff Deputy shared information on safe bicycle riding in the summer. They played games and cheered on their teammates. The RA 3-4 and the GT 3-5 grades formed survivor teams and had lots of fun.

RA First Grade Game Boards

Ruthven-Ayrshire 1st grade students participated in an extremely challenging STEM project in May. They created flexible game boards that could be used next year to teach our math and reading skills. Each student selected a theme that was studied during the year. They designed their game on paper with the help of Mr. Hersom (our Technology Director) and transferred the games to Google Drawings. Students learned how to access the app and save the game board. They created their game board on the computer, they learned to search and insert black and white clip art images, how to click and drag, make the image larger or smaller, copy and paste, insert text boxes, set font and text size, format text alignment, and set background color. Game boards were required to have enough spaces in the path to make the game engaging to play. The images used, and the reasons used for the “move forward” and “move back” spaces needed to correlate with theme in a logical way. Once the game boards were complete, students received a printed copy to have and use at home. The boards will also be sent to the laser engraver to be engraved on plastic boards for use in the classroom. We are hoping that the students will be able to come back to 1st grade to introduce their game to next year’s students. The games can be used to practice sight words, phonics skills, or math skills.

GT/RA Elementary STEM Festival

The elementary students enjoyed an afternoon of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics on Friday, May 3. Students observed, listened, and experienced many activities lead by area businesses and groups. Thank you to Fairchild Welding, EPS, Max Yield, Rosenboom, Extension Offices of Dickensen, Palo Alto and Emmet Co., ILCC, Pro Cooperative, the Lair Family, Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. Klepper. Thanks to all the teachers and students on the great day!

GT/RA High School May Term

GT/RA High School students completed the year with the annual May Term. Students were able to help in an animal shelter, create a restaurant, engage in community service, golf, fish, explore the complexity of games, put on a music show, compare American and Spanish Cultures, and learn about the writing of Tolkien.
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