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February 14, 2019

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From Tim: Tenuous hero status restored, drama ensues

Many of you are, or will be at some point relatively soon, the parent of a seventh grader. When you are the parent of a seventh grader, your fortunes (as a parent) tend to rise and fall dramatically each day. I was reminded of this truth last week on the occasion of our first snow day in quite a while. The two weeks prior, my stock had been somewhat low, as I apparently had missed a couple of prime opportunities to call a snow day. When I failed in my duties, my seventh grader was left feeling like she’d somehow failed hers, because her friends assumed she had some pull in the decision; they were not spare in expressing their disappointment in my performance and hers. Fortunately, last week provided a chance for me to redeem myself, and my tenuous hero status was restored.

This week, our seventh graders took the stage to present their Drama Showcase, a series of comedic skits directed by drama teacher Laura Gibson. Students became all kinds of characters, from an internet cat to zombies to superheroes, and some of the skits were written by the performers themselves. The demands of playing a role much different from oneself draw on many talents – empathy, listening, creative expression – and also provide a break from the world of being a young adolescent. At a time when so much of one’s energy, by design, is focused on self, having the opportunity to step outside oneself and take on another perspective and persona can be a benefit indeed. Congratulations and thank you to our seventh graders for a most entertaining evening!

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Top Five Things

1. After hours with Extended Day

Ask Barbara Guynn about Extended Day, and she’ll tell you it’s “a fun safe place for children to be.” Yes, Stanley’s Extended Day program is safe and fun and a good place in which to be, but it’s also a great place for kids to simply “be." See how Stanley's after-school experience fits into our community and our mission so perfectly... >>continued in this week's Learning Report blog

2. Celebrate Stanley on Valentine's Day!

Don't break our hearts! Only 60 more donations, and we'll reach our goal of 100 percent parent participation in our annual Stanley Fund campaign. If you haven't already, show your love for our teachers and students. Make a gift to The Stanley Fund today! Thank you.

3. Should she stay or should she go?

Nothing throws a wrench into your day like a child waking up feeling sick. Simple stuffy noses don't stop many kids from participating in school activities. But if you have someone coughing beyond comfort, or who's already come home with fever or vomiting - make sure you keep them home until symptoms are 24 hours behind you. Thanks for helping keep everyone at Stanley well!

4. 9News features Stanley student's extracurricular

"Hockey is teamwork. And teamwork translates to the rest of your life." This is a lesson Stanley 3rd-grader Sean Batel is learning through the Visionaries Blind Hockey program where he laces up his skates to play the sport he loves on the ice. See last week's 9news profile about the program.

5. Black History Month activities around Denver

Looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month? Check out the great displays in our Hambidge Commons this week courtesy of students and our Multicultural Affairs Committee. Or, honor the contributions of African-Americans by attending one of these events around Denver.