Progressive Presidents Project

kelsey moman

Theodore Roosevelt

He was a statesman, explorer, author, soldier, naturalist, and a reformer. Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. president. He served his presidency from 1901-1909.

Theodore was born on October 27, 1858 & he died on January 6, 1919. He was the youngest United States president.

Roosevelt's Report Card


I gave Roosevelt an A because most people liked him a lot. If something had to be done, he got it done. He was a man of the people. Roosevelt did what was right for America and didn't favor any political group. Roosevelt did a lot of things. He built the Panama Canal and made national parks. He improved the quality of food and water for the people of America. Roosevelt also made working conditions better for the working class. Here was a few reasons why Roosevelt deserved an A for leadership.


During Roosevelt's presidency he had many accomplishments. Some of the things he accomplished was the Pure Food and Drug Act, Hepburn Act, the Meat Inspection Act, his plan for reform, was very popular among Americans, The Square Deal. Roosevelt used his strong negotiation kills to handle foreign affairs and work with congress.


Roosevelt's presidency can be viewed as both professional and unprofessional. However, I think he was more professional than not. He had strong moral values which led to a huge success for him. It also helped win the Nobel Peace Prize. One thing Roosevelt said that could be viewed as "unprofessional" was when he said, "Speak softly, and carry a big stick."


Theodore changed a lot for America in a very good way. He made other peoples lives easier by improving work and living situations. Throughout the square deal he focused on conservation of natural resources, consumer protections, and control of corporations. Roosevelt did a really good job with contributing to America.

#26 Theodore Roosevelt

William Howard Taft

Taft was an American jurist and a statesmen. He was the 27th president and the tenth chief justice. He was born September 15 1857. He died March 8, 1930. He was part of the Republican Party.

Taft's Report Card

Leadership: C

When Taft first took office the people of America were very confident in him due to Roosevelt recommending him to be his successor. As time went on, the people's opinions didn't change because they felt he turned his back on Roosevelt, who the people really loved.

Organization: B

During his time in office, Taft was known as a "Trust Buster." In his 4 years in office he had organized more antitrust cases than Roosevelt had done in 7 1/2 years as President. Taft was also responsible for the Federal Reserve Act and Federal Trade Commission Act.

Professionalism: C

Taft helped build his image by helping other countries. One country that was helped by Taft was the Philippines. That's where he sponsored land reforms, road building, and honest and efficient government. Taft's image was not favorable due to Roosevelt disappointment in his predecessor.

Contribution: B

He is well known for the foreign policy. The foreign policy is the dollar diplomacy. The goal was to create American interest in other countries by bringing stability in order to the regions. Dollar diplomacy provided to be successful in parts of China and Central America, but failed in places like Mexico and Nicaragua.

#27 William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson

He was an American polititian and an academic. Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was from Virginia. Woodrow was born on December 28, 1856. He died February 3, 1924. He was also the leader of the progressive movement. He became president of Princeton in 1902.

Wilson's report card

Leadership: A

He led America through World War I. During his presidency campaign, his platform for change was labeled Wilson's New Freedom. Wilson was able to bring about significant change by attacking what he referred to as, The Triple Wall of Privilege, which was popular with his supporters

Organization: A

Wilson's accomplished a lot during his presidency. In consider to Wilson's New Freedom platform, he was about to reduce the tariff on imported goods by signing the Underwood Tariff into Law in 1913. He brought back public confidence in America's banking system with the Federal Reserve Act. Another accomplishment was under Wilson's leadership, Congress passed the 1914 Federal Trade Commission Act which limited unfairly limited competition.

Professionalism: B

He maintained a positive image and remained professional even when he was faced with difficult situations. During his presidency, women's suffrage was at an all-time high pushing to give women the right to vote. Wilson didn't necessarily agree with the tactics used by picketers, but would give them a friendly greeting and even invited them in for coffee.

Contribution: B

Wilson is known for leading America through World War I. During his first term, he was able to keep America out of conflict and even used the campaign slogan, "He kept us out of War" to be elected for his 2nd term. Due to submarine attacks on U.S. merchant ships and Germany trying to persuade Mexico to enter into an alliance against America. Wilson asked congress to declare war on Germany on 1917. After the war ended. Wilson helped debate the treaty of Versailles.

#28 Woodrow Wilson